australian king parrot

Oscar (Australian King Parrot) R.I.P 23rd December 2000 to 20th May 2011


Bird Specialist


Bird Supplies Direct was established in 2014 in memory of Oscar (Laura’s Australian King Parrot) and is a leading supplier of bird supplies located in Rolleston servicing the Selwyn District in Canterbury and New Zealand. Laura has an extensive knowledge background of 16 years in breeding and raising Australian Parakeets including cockatiels, splendids, turquoisines and bourkes. She volunteered for 12 months at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and worked with their pair of NZ Kaka on implementing an enrichment and breeding program. She has also volunteered her time at the SPCA working as a Dog Squad volunteer. Laura completed┬áher Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Behavioural Ecology and Psychology in 2011.
For nutrition, training and breeding advice please contact Laura via the Contact Page.